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  • Network marketing (multi-level): A method of selling a product in which marketers sell products directly to the consumer. In this type of sales, each marketer can expand and increase the company's sales by introducing another marketer (as its subsidiary) and creating a multi-level sales group.
  • Independent sales representative (marketer): refers to a person who, by being introduced to the company's revenue-generating opportunity and after registration, is able to participate in training courses, sell goods and introduce other people to the revenue-generating opportunity.


  • Commercial unit code: After completing the registration process of the independent sales consultant on the company's website, while registering his basic information in the database of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade; Unique code is assigned to him to prevent simultaneous activity in several network marketing companies.


  • Final consumer: is a person who buys the goods of the company's store with the intention of consumption, from independent sales consultants.


  • Customer: Customers who are only able to purchase products from the company's website and do not have the license to attract and introduce other people (as their affiliate).


  • Sales Representative: Customers who apply for an independent sales consultant license will be considered a regular customer until they receive this license. Ordinary customers will not be able to take advantage of a preferred customer or independent sales consultant.
  • Retail: Purchase for personal consumption or direct sale of goods to consumers.
  • Commission: The amount that each person receives in proportion to the amount of personal sales and the performance of their subordinates and is paid to him up to the seventh month at the latest, and also the amount of commission paid is a maximum of 40% of the sales amount according to product points
  • Reward: The amount paid for each independent sales consultant to reach each of the network management categories.
  • Revenue Plan (profitability): the company's plan to calculate the commission and reward of independent sales consultants for retail, development, training and sales team management
  • Rank: Each of the independent sales consultants can obtain a category or rank in the sales network based on a certain amount of sales and monthly activity. Commissions and rewards commensurate with each of these ranks are stated in the company's revenue-generating plan.
  • Minimum purchase: The minimum amount of monthly purchase by the marketer for which the marketer is eligible to receive a commission. The minimum purchase amount in Rials in the revenue generation plan is one million Rials.
  • Product points: is a number that is the basis for the payment of commissions and is a function of the company's profit margin from the sale of that commodity.
  • Overhead: The sponsor of any independent sales representative is considered his or her overhead.
  • Level: Each person who is introduced to the company as an independent sales representative, is placed in the first level of the person introducing him or her. In the same way, each new introduction will create a new level in the sales network of people.
  • Eligible independent sales representative is an independent sales representative, who has made one million Rials personal sales this month. If a person is not eligible, he or she will not be able to receive a set commission and will only receive a retail commission.
  • Sales group: Each separate branch that connects directly to its overhead is called a sales group.
  • Subsidiary or downline member: All sales team members are an independent sales representative
  • Compression: If at the end of each month an unqualified person is found with the company's revenue plan, it is considered as if this person does not exist in the organization and each eligible person is at the level of a first person in his upper group that Be eligible.
  • Sales volume of the organization: The sales volume of the organization is the personal sales of the person in addition to the sales of all his or her subset members.
  • Generation: is a part of the network of an independent sales representative in which there is no representative of the same level or higher than himself. Each independent sales representative who has reached the gold category and above forms a sales generation, and his or her sales group is separated from his or her senior generation and placed in the second generation of representative above him.

Each of the independent sales representatives appropriate to the organizational category receives a commission of up to 7 levels of sales volume of his or her organization.



• Customer

1. Natural persons authorized to register on the website of PMLM are called customers.

2. Customer types include: Customer and independent sales representative.

3. The presence of a sponsor is required for the activity of both types of customers.


             O             The sponsor must be one of the independent sales representative present in the network.

o             Customers are required to provide their national identification number when registering on the company website.

4. The following people can not be a sponsor:

            O            People who have terminated their contract.

            o             People whose account has been blocked (including all types of blocks).

            O             People who are registered as customer.

            o             Those independent sales representative who have not purchased for three consecutive months.

5. At the time of registration on the website, each person is responsible for the authenticity of the identity and bank information registered.

            O             If the person to work in the company; Use the name of family members or anyone else, the person and his / her identity will be blocked.

            O             The customer should not be barred or prosecuted by the legal authorities.

            O             When registering, the customer must be honest in his / her self-declaration.

6. The following people are not allowed to operate in the sales network:

o             Company employees and their first-degree relatives (father, mother, spouse, child, sister, brother)

             o             People under 18 years old

      o             Employees of government executive agencies or trade union organizations overseeing network marketing

7. In case of termination of cooperation of any of the employees of the company, after 90 days from the official settlement, the person and his first-degree relatives will be allowed to operate in the sales network.

8. Individuals who have foreign citizenship and are not considered Iranian according to identity documents (identity card, identity card or passport), must obtain an activity license (work permit) from the Ministry of Labor, Cooperation and Social Welfare and register at the head office. Refer to the company.

9. It is strictly forbidden to pressure people to leave their job and join the company's sales network.


  • Customer

1. Each person can register and purchase the company's products as a customer, while supporting their representative.

2. The customer must register electronically in the "Customer Group" on the company's website by completing the customer registration form.

3. The customer is at the zero level of his representative.

4. Business unit code will not be issued for customers.

5. Customers are not eligible for any of the revenue plan leadership categories.

6. For customers, the commission and reward detailed in the company's revenue plan are not calculated.

7. Each customer can not re-register as a customer for up to 30 days after canceling his position; But you will immediately be able to register as an independent sales representative with your current identifier.

8. Customers who do not make a purchase for 3 consecutive months will be "purchase blocked" and must select the "cancel block" option to reactivate.


Independent sales representative

1. The customer must register electronically in the "Independent Sales Representative Group" on the company's website by completing the customer registration form.

2. After creating a user file, the customer must complete the sales representative application form electronically and send it along with identification documents.

           o       Valid identification document means the original image of the national card or identity card containing the photo and national code, driver's license, valid passport or end of service certificate of the customer.

          O         It is also necessary to send a scan of the applicant's bank account number.

3. The customer does not have the right to add other customers to his / her subsidiary until the request for representation is approved.

4. If the submitted documents are not correct, his account will be blocked and it will not be possible for him / her to buy and introduce other people to the sales organization.

5. If the customer does not request representation after one month, his account will be removed from the system.

6. Customers are considered as independent sales representatives from the time the sales representation request is approved.

           o     Each independent sales representative is responsible for protecting their password and account.

7. After the approval of the sales representation request, it will be possible to pass training courses for the independent sales representative.

8. Each independent sales representative will be eligible to receive a monthly commission when he or she has the minimum sales in the company's revenue plan that month.

          o     This amount does not include shipping, VAT and promotional items.

9. An independent sales representative can add an unlimited number of real people to his or her subset.

10. Independent sales representatives will be subject to discounts, commissions and bonuses in accordance with the provisions of the instructions of the internal laws and regulations of the sales network and the approved revenue plan of the company.

11. If the account number of the independent sales representative is incorrect, the commission amount will be deposited in the valid account of the company and its office of the representative will be blocked until it is corrected.

         o     The commission amount of that period, after correcting the account number and during the administrative process, will be transferred to the account of the independent sales representative.

         o      To correct the account number, the independent sales representative must proceed through the option "Change the account number" of his user page.





1. The cooperation of an independent sales representative with the company does not create any employment relationship between the individual and the company.

2. The independent sales representative does not have any power of attorney on behalf of the company and concluding any kind of contract on behalf of the company with natural and legal persons is prohibited.

3. Interviewing, negotiating or advertising in the mass and official media of the country (television, radio, newspapers, etc.) by an independent sales consultant in the name of the company and without a license is prohibited.

Independent sales representative should not misuse company names, brands, designs and slogans.

4. At the time of registration of the marketer, the full copy of the contract and the terms and conditions of the company must be sent to the marketer through the official e-mail of the company.



  • Signing a contract

1. An independent sales representative is required to enter into a contract with the company through the company website.

          o       The contract is based on the model of the Network Marketing Oversight Committee.

          o       The content of the contract must be regulated in accordance with the national network marketing laws and regulations of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.

          o          Compliance with the provisions of the contract is mandatory for the parties.

2. After concluding the contract, for an independent sales representative with a photo ID card stamped by the company; Including first and last name, father's name, national code, business unit code and company name are issued electronically.

         o             The cost of issuing the card is not borne by the independent sales representative.

         o             The design of the mechanism of this card should be such that while increasing the security coefficients (reducing the possibility of forgery), it is possible to expedite the registration of people entering and leaving the branches.

3. The independent sales representative, after issuing the commercial unit code and while confirming the study of the basic educational topics on the company's website, will be allowed to introduce products or attract people in the company's name.

4. After concluding a contract with the company, the independent sales representative must refrain from committing any crime or delinquency or any activity that leads to the company's notoriety.

5. In the event of the death of an independent sales representative, his position will be active for a maximum of 6 months after the date of death.

         o         Up to six months after the death of the independent sales representative, his salary will be calculated and credited to his account according to the rules of the income plan.

The claims of the deceased independent representative will be paid according to the legal procedure of inheritance monopoly until the last month of the account's activity.

         o         If the company does not provide valid legal documents of inheritance monopoly within a maximum period of 6 months from the date of death of the independent sales representative, his or her position will be blocked and will not be transferable.


Termination of Contract

1. Termination means cancellation of the sales representation request and deactivation of the individual commercial unit code in this company.

Termination does not mean deleting the account.

         o         By terminating the contract of the independent sales representative, his or her details and records will not be removed from the sales system.

2. Termination of the contract will be possible at the request of the independent sales representative or upon his / her violation in accordance with the national network marketing laws and the internal regulations of the sales network.

3. Only those who have applied for representation can terminate the contract.

4. To terminate, the independent sales representative must log in to the account and select the "Terminate" option on his user page.

5. If 60 days have passed from the date of requesting representation, first the user account will be suspended for 15 days and then the termination will be completed.

         o         During these 15 days, the "Cancel Cancellation" option is active for the user.

6. If less than 60 days have passed from the date of requesting the sales representation, the user will be terminated immediately and will not have the opportunity to "cancel the termination".

7. The independent sales representative must choose how to receive the termination code via email or SMS.

8. After complete termination, to reactivate the account, you must proceed through the "Re-register" option.

Click here to download the infographic of the contract termination steps.


  • Change of Sponsor or Overhead

1. Independent sales representative and customer will have a maximum of 72 hours to change their identifier from the time of registration in the sales system and if they do not make a purchase.

2. If 72 hours have passed from the time of registration, he must first terminate his termination (for independent sales representative) according to his position for the overhead change and then act according to the following items.

         o       The independent sales representative will be able to change the identifier if he does not make the minimum purchase (purchase block) and has no activity for three consecutive solar months.

         o        If the block is removed; The upstream change option will remain active until the sales representative has made a purchase or a subsidiary.

         o         Customer who is already an independent sales representative and does not make the minimum purchase for three consecutive months, can change the sponsor.

3. Customer who is not previously an independent sales representative and 30 days have passed since his or her last purchase, can change the sponsor.

4. Another way to change the independence of an independent sales representative is to terminate the account. After complete termination, the customer must proceed through the "Re-register" account. In this case, with one of the following conditions, the site allows the customer to re-register with the new sponsor:

        o          Three months have passed since the date of the last month in which he had the minimum purchase (minimum condition for renewal of the contract by the company). (The month in which the purchase was made does not count.)

        o         3 months have passed since the month in which the application for representation was approved and there is no purchase or activity. (Including the month in which the agency application is approved.)

  • Incentive Packages
  1. The sales unit can offer a set of products in the form of a pack (incentive package) with a price discount or change of points to customers.
  2.  In order to encourage agents who are very active in sales, and in order to focus more on sales, which is in line with the business philosophy of the business, the company provides them with goods as coupons. We also remind:

           1-  Purchasing these goods are optional.

           2- The sales plan of the sales organization is not connected to this issue.

           3- There is no specific type of product (any product that is available on the site, the representative can choose at will). 

           4- No commission will be paid to the superiors for this purchase (because the score of these goods is zero) .

           5. There is a recovery law for these goods.

هزینه ارسال کالا در بازاریابی شبکه ای

Shipping Products

1. The company is obliged to send according to the contract with the customer and any delay in this time is not allowed.

2. The company undertakes to take back the goods in accordance with the national network marketing regulations and any delay in acceptance is not allowed.


  •   Shipping and Storage costs in Iran 

Personal purchase amount (Tomans)

Shipping cost (Tomans)

Storage Cost (Tomans) for local warehouses based on the total value of goods

[ 300,000 - 0 )



[800,000 - 300,000 )



[1,400,000 - 800,000 )



[2,500,000 - 1,400,000 )



[ ∞ ( 2,500,000 - 




Shipping and Storage costs in Iraq       


Personal purchase amount

Postal cost (percentage of personal purchase)

(0 - 5,000,000 ]


[10,000,000 - 5,000,000 )


[ ∞ - 10,000,000)




  • Shipped Products Condition Control

1. The status of the purchased goods, after payment at the bank portal, can be seen through the list of orders:

            o             Suspended: The purchase is not confirmed and if the money is deducted from the customer's account, it will be returned by the bank within 72 hours.

            o             Paid: In this case, the money has been transferred to the company's account but has not yet been financially approved.

            o             Financial approval: The financial process has been completed successfully.

            o             Leaving the warehouse: The order is being packed (order packing).

            o             Ready to send: The order is packaged and ready for delivery to the post office.

2. There are two options for customers to receive orders: warehouse door and home door.

3. Customers can go to the door of the selected warehouse to receive their order.

             o             When picking up from a warehouse door, the user must select the desired warehouse, the day    and time of delivery of the purchased goods.

o            If the user has an order from the warehouse door from the 1st of the month to the 22nd of the same month and does not take action to receive his order in due time, he / she has 7 working days from the order date to visit the desired warehouse in person and coordinate with warehouse officials to receive his / her order. If he / she does not receive his order at this time, this order will be considered as a cancellation of the order and the amount will be returned to the buyer.

o            If the user registers the order at the warehouse door from the 23rd to the end of the same month, the order will not be finalized and she must go to the warehouse at the appointed time and register her final order in person.

o           Due to the spread of Corona virus and lack of crowds of customers, if it is possible to register the final order from the 23rd to the end of the same month, if the user has an order at the warehouse door and does not act on time to receive his order, one month from the order date Visit the desired warehouse in person and coordinate with the warehouse officials to receive your order. If he does not receive his order at this time, this order will be considered as a cancellation of the order and no amount or goods will be returned to the buyer.
o             If customers do not take delivery of the warehouse door order twice in a period of 6 months, the possibility of choosing the warehouse door will be disabled for them for up to 6 months.

             o             In this type of purchase, it is not possible to change the warehouse door.

             o             Up to 48 hours before the scheduled time, the customer can edit the delivery time.

             o             The customer must return to the warehouse at the appointed time with a valid ID card.

o             If the customer intends to send another person to deliver the goods, he must enter his details on the site.

o             Customers should ensure the accuracy of the goods at the time of delivery and avoid receiving defective goods.

             o             Announcing a fraction of warehouse door orders is unacceptable.

      o     If users for any reason do not arrive at the place on time or want to change the delivery time, they must take another turn.

4. By selecting the post option, the order will be sent to the customer's address.

o             In postal purchases, the customer has the opportunity to change his purchase address to one of the addresses registered on the site up to 2 hours after registering the order.

 o          The purchased goods will be delivered only to the independent sales representative or his legal representative.

o          Customers at the time of delivery of goods must ensure its accuracy and avoid receiving goods that are inconsistent or defective.

             o          Customers should not pick up the shipment by post if the box is damaged or damaged.

      o     In case of any possible problems in the submitted products, customers must notify the company within 7 working days after receiving the order.

             o       The company must respond to the dissatisfaction of independent sales representative and customers within a maximum of 10 working days.

             o         (( If customers do not receive the postal package from postmen for any reason (other than the package is damaged) and the order is returned to the company, 30 days from the date of postage payment in the section of announcing my deficits, you have the opportunity to visit your desk, in the posting section My deficits, view the deposit fee and attach the image of your deposit receipt in that section, if they do not receive their order in this opportunity, this order will be considered as cancellation of the purchase system and no amount will be returned to the buyer.))

5. Independent sales representatives should avoid opening or damaging postal packages (without the knowledge of the consignee).

6. It is possible to refuse the order (cancel the order) up to 2 hours after registering the order.

7. In case of delays in sending the order by the post office, the recipient must immediately inform the company and avoid sending the goods to another address.

Return of goods and commission deduction

1. According to national network marketing laws; It is necessary to enter the price of all products on the website.

2. According to national network marketing laws, non-compliance with the customer's right to cancel is prohibited.

           o          The company can not refuse to exercise the right of retrieval of the marketer for reasons such as changing the purchase season, changing the product formulation, changing the price tag of the product and the lack of inventory in the sales basket.

3. In case of termination of the contract of the independent sales representative, the return of the sold products is subject to the following conditions:

          o          The product can be resold (sealed).

          o          Goods with an expiration date of less than 8 months are non-refundable.

          o          Purchased goods can be returned within a maximum of 12 months up to the date of termination of the contract. For example, a person terminates his termination on 1400/01/01 They are allowed to return the registered orders to the company for return from 1399/01/01 onwards.

          o          The amount received by the returned goods minus the shipping and warehousing costs (10%) and the return of the goods and the retail profit attributed to the independent sales consultant (from the price to the consumer) is refunded and the tax is non-refundable.

4. The commission paid for the sale of the returned goods will be deducted from the next commission of all the independent sales representatives of that person's higher levels.

5. At the time of returning the goods, the deliverer of the goods must send the order number and invoice of the returned goods along with the products to the company.

6. In case of opening the pack and deficit of its items, the pack is non-returnable and all the products that were presented as a pack must be returned together.

7. If the return of the goods is in the same month that the goods were purchased and reached the company before the end of the month, after deducting the postage, the entire payment will be returned to the customer.

8. If the return of the goods is in the months after the purchase of that goods, in addition to deducting the discount, taxes and postage from the independent sales consultant, the commissions paid to him and his higher levels will also be deducted.

9. Registered customers will have a maximum of 7 working days from the date of delivery to return the purchased goods, and after this period, the sold goods will not be returned.

10. Withdrawal may occur for two reasons:

           o        The product is safe but the independent sales representative has stopped selling it. In this case, the independent sales representative must first definitively terminate and then return the goods.

          o         The product is defective. In this case, the independent sales representative has the opportunity to check the expiration date, deficit, originality and appearance of the goods from the moment of receiving the goods up to 7 working days, and in case of discrepancies, return the goods for replacement.

11. If the customer returns the purchased goods for quality reasons and this claim is correct, it will be sent back to her only from the purchased goods and no change or movement is allowed in the type of goods.


شیوه های ترویج بازاریابی شبکه ای

Promotion Methods

1. An independent sales representative is required to comply with all national network marketing laws, internal sales network laws, and legal and ethical standards.

2. Observance of the principle of fiduciary duty and maintaining the confidentiality of information about the company, customers and affiliates (such as password, commission amount, etc.) is mandatory for all independent sales representatives. Forgery, distortion of company documents are prohibited.

3. The independent sales representative should not work directly / indirectly with other network marketing companies.

4. The presence of network marketing companies in the exhibitions in order to present their products in accordance with the regulations related to the announcement to the Secretariat is unrestricted.

o         Independent sales representtives should avoid gathering or holding meetings at the exhibition site to introduce work and attract marketers.

5. The sale of products must be in accordance with the list provided and in compliance with the pricing criteria and the normal market price.

o         The company is required to obtain the necessary prices and licenses (including standards and health licenses) for its products.

o          The company is obliged to announce the list of products, product prices and warehouse address to the Center for Guilds and Merchants of Iran.

             o         The price of the product should not be higher than the normal market price.

6. All payments for the purchase of the company's products should be deposited only in the official account of the company.

      o        Bank Mellat account number 8155732678; In the name of Panberes Internet Shopping Co

7. Independent sales representatives should only sell products offered through PMLM's official web portals. (Either individually or in combination)

8. Marketing in formal environments where business activities are not allowed; Such as military, administrative, educational and cultural places are prohibited.

9. Public disclosure of the income of independent sales representatives is not allowed.

10. Independent sales representatives should avoid false advertising to sell products. The following are examples of false advertising:

          o     Use of misleading content and unproven and false claims

         o      Committing an act or omission that causes suspicion or deception of the audience in terms of quantity or quality.

         o      Advertising beyond the reality of the nature of the product / service

         o     The use of absolute and exaggerated attributes

         o     Failure to provide accurate and clear information about the specifications and uses and prohibition of consumption of goods

         o     Devalue or invalidate the goods / services of others

         o     Cite confirmations that have expired or are not valid for any reason.

         o     Imitation of the structure, slogan or any similarity of advertising to other companies

         o     Using the names of people or titles of reputable institutions in a way that deceives the consumer.

         o     Any false claim in the guarantee or after-sales service of goods / services

11. Independent sales representatives are required to provide effective information in consumer decisions when selling products.

12. It is not permissible not to deliver goods and services to the consumer on time in a way that causes his dissatisfaction.

13. Independent sales representatives should be responsive for consumer dissatisfaction within a maximum of 3 to 10 working days.

14. Independent sales representatives should strictly refrain from forcing the purchase of goods and imposing unfair conditions on the consumer.

        o     Non-observance of the consumer's right to cancel is one of the examples of these conditions.

15. Independent sales representatives should avoid holding conferences or encouraging their sales team to participate in conferences outside the framework of national regulations and national network marketing laws.

16. The independent sales representative has no right to receive money or apply any unusual conditions for the membership of his subordinates.

17. The independent sales representative should avoid forcing subordinates to buy and invest.

18. The independent sales representative should refrain from forcing subordinates to buy more than they can sell in a given period in a way that leads to the storage of products.

19. Any action of the independent sales representative to receive bribes from the independent sales representatives and the employees of the company is prohibited.

20. Individual strikes or illegal gatherings of marketers are not allowed.

21. The independent sales representative should not fail to timely reflect the violations of his subordinates to the company's internal inspection and monitoring committee.

22. Independent sales representatives should not use illegal methods (such as pyramid schemes) to advertise their products and expand their sales group.

23. Independent sales representatives are not allowed to sell directly to other independent sales representatives, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and intermediaries and will only be allowed to sell goods to the consumer.

24. Independent sales representatives can not offer the company's products to the consumer through fixed stores and virtual networks.

o Creating web pages contrary to government regulations and national marketing laws is not permitted by independent sales representatives.

25. Independent sales representatives when delivering the goods to the consumer must ensure that the price tag or any information recorded on the goods is not damaged.

         o      It is not allowed to sell products at a price higher or lower than the approved amount and listed on the product and the official website of PMLM.

26. Independent sales representatives will not be allowed to change the packaging of goods.

27. Any costs incurred by an independent sales representative for marketing and attracting consumers are his / her own.

28. Independent sales representatives should avoid the following when advertising and expanding their sales team:

        o    Disrespect, slander and insult to the company's agents, including management, staff and executive levels

        o    Any kind of political controversy

        o   Disrespect for the pillars of the Islamic Republic

        o   False political claims

       o    Disrespect for Islamic sanctities (insults, false oaths in the name of God and the Infallibles, distortion    of verses and hadiths, etc.)

       o    Promoting anti-Islamic ideologies (Freemasonry, Communism, modern mysticism, etc.)

       o    Insulting ethnic and religious minorities

      o     Saying insulting and inappropriate words

      o     Unusual relationships with the opposite sex

      o     Rumors and concerns of the public mind

29. Independent sales representatives should refrain from verbal and physical conflicts with colleagues and other independent sales representatives at the company's official location.

30. Any independent sales representative (with any organizational category or leadership) in case of any violation, can report to the organization through the official website of the company, telephone or other communication methods.


روش اعمال محدودیت به مشاور مستقل فروش

Applicable Restrictions to independent sales represatatives

  • Representation block

1. After registering the sales representation request in the system, if the company's experts detect a defect in the documents, the customer will have 72 hours to correct and send their documents. Otherwise, his account will be blocked.

       o      In this case, the customer must log in to the account and while selecting the "Incomplete documents" option, fix the defects to remove the block.

2. If the request for sales representation of customers who did not make a purchase is rejected; They will be removed from the system after three months and if they have subsets, they will be compressed.

3. If the sales representation request of customers who made a purchase is rejected; They will be removed from the system after three months and if they have subsets, they will be compressed.

4. Customers who are under representation block and did not make a purchase will be removed from the system after three months and if they have a subsidiary, they will be compressed.

Profile block

1. After registering customer’s sales representation request in the system, in case of discrepancies in the documents by the company's experts, the customer will be blocked.

      o     In this case, the independent sales representative is systematically transferred to the information editing section to resolve the discrepancy and unblock.


Purchase block

1. In this case, the person can log in to his account but is not able to buy and register the order.

2. If the independent sales representative does not make the minimum purchase for length of a ‘one month in solar calendar’, a notice will be sent to his message box and e-mail.


3. If the independent sales representative for "two months" in a row does not make the minimum purchase, his / her account will be blocked.

      o    For new entrants, the second month of activity is the basis of the criteria.

      o    To remove the purchase block, the independent sales representative must remove the block through the "Reactivate" option.

      o    Those independent sales representatives who have not purchased for 6 consecutive months, if they do not cancel the block; The termination is completed systematically and their commercial unit code is deactivated.

4. After the independent sales representative ‘s purchase block, his subset is so-called compressed and transferred to a higher level.

      o     After reactivation, the lost set will not be returned to the previous location.


Login block

1. In case of violation of the sales network disciplinary rules or misuse of the user account, the user will be blocked. This means that he can no longer log in to his / her account.

     o      Independent sales representative must be present at the head office with his / her supervisor to remove the login block.

2. If the sponsor of a customer is blocked, his customer will also be blocked until the sponsor’s block is removed.


Rules block

1. In case of violation of the disciplinary rules of the sales network or misuse of the user account, the user will be blocked by the rules. This means that it can no longer be logged in to your account and after 45 days it will be systematically terminated.

     o     The independent sales representative has 45 days to take the necessary steps to clear the block.

     o     Otherwise, the block will be logged in after 15 days.

    o     If the login block is not removed, the termination will be suspended after 15 days.

    o     If the suspended termination is not eliminated, the termination will be completed after 15 days.

2. The independent sales representative must be present at the head office with his / her supervisor to remove the block of rules.

Transfer of network

1. Independent sales representatives should not interfere with or disrupt the performance of other participating marketing teams.

2. Independent sales representatives should strongly refrain from any threats or attempts to disqualify other people.

3. Planning or colluding independent sales representatives to remove or change the position of other independent sales representatives (shifts) is not allowed.

4. Not every real person can work in more than one independent sales representative position at the same time.

5. Independent sales representatives are not allowed to transfer, sell or transfer their distribution rights and position to others.

6. Independent sales representatives (in any category of network structure) should not abuse their position.

7. There are no geographical or temporal restrictions on the activities of independent sales representatives.

8. In the internal movement of marketers; The following criteria must be observed:

      o     For any transfer within the company, the written request of the interested marketer has the required status.

      o    The company should not act on the request of the senior manager for the entire subsidiary.

      o    The company must refrain from any uninvestigated relocation before obtaining a written request from the interested marketer and approval from the management.

     o     Group change of members requires the approval of the company after reviewing the status of the top applicants and obtaining explanations from senior executives from whom the collection is separated or added.

     o     Informing and announcing a written warning to the inactive collector marketer and research from other members will be effective in identifying and deciding the company.

     o     The company can impose, inform and enforce the ban on the movement of marketers within the company in accordance with internal regulations and prior notice. In this case, marketers will proceed by registering an exit request and re-registering.

     o     Transfers should not be general and should only be done if the company is confident that the manager is not effective.

Permanent transfer (compression) due to purchase block

1. Due to the Independent Sales Representative's purchase block, all its subsidiaries are permanently transferred to the overhead.

     o     If the independent sales representative wants to reactivate, he can act through his account; But in no way will the lost subdivision be transferred to his previous position.

Permanent transfer (compression) due to contract termination

1. After the complete termination of the contract of an independent sales representative, all his subdivisions and sales organization are transferred directly to his superior.


منشور اخلاقی
Sales Network Ethics Charter

We, the independent sales representatives of PMLM, make an agreement to take steps in the development and excellence of this business with a commitment to the following principles:

1. Comply with national network marketing laws

2. Respect for cultural and religious norms in speech and behavior

3. Honesty in treating customers and respecting their thoughts and beliefs

4. Confidentiality and protection of personal information of customers and collections

5. Adherence to professional obligations, policies and rules of the organization

6. Avoid projecting negative image of other companies

7. Consensus and cooperation in achieving the goals of the organization

8. Legal training and promotion of business


منشور اخلاقی

  • Social Media Rules 
  1. You can only mention the benefits of the product if it is in accordance with the authorized items on the website, which can also be expressed as a personal experience of using the product.
  2. Any public advertising on the sales representative page is prohibited.
  3. Any extortion and cheap selling of products is prohibited.
  4. It is forbidden to use any "logo and image", company names, and brands on cyber pages.
  5. Creating any specialized page for sales, training, product promotion and public job opportunities in which products are promoted is prohibited. It should be noted that social media pages are not for membership and should be active only to inform customers and members.
  6. Any independent product promotional teaser must be approved by the company before publication.  Unless the teaser is only an expression of the representative's personal experience of consuming the product.
  7. Selling or advertising the products of other companies on the social media page of the company's representatives is prohibited.
  8. Public announcement of prices and discounts on goods is prohibited.
  9. Presenting products and job opportunities on public websites and host applications are prohibited.

 If for the first time, the sales representative does not comply with the above, while committing to the company, the block will be warned to delete that item. If the commitment is not observed and the previous cases are repeated, the block will be permanent.


Download the file of decision table of inspection and internal monitoring committee of the sales network