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Start a personal business

Today, there are countless young and talented people in the Iranian labor market who are looking for suitable job opportunities with their individual and social needs. Each of these individuals pursues three distinct approaches to employment or income.

• Employment in public sector jobs

• Employment in private sector jobs

• Creating a personal business

Given the economic situation of the world, the region and the country, as well as the saturation of labor markets, employment in the public or private sector will not be possible for the majority of job seekers. So many of these people should be looking to start their own businesses and earn a living independently.
One of the most well-known and popular ways to earn money is network marketing (link to network marketing). This acceptance is due to the various advantages and advantages that this type of business has over other businesses. Some of these benefits include:

1. Requires little capital

2. Free choice of the time and place of work

3. Independence in choosing the way of working

4. Business startup speed

5. Easy and fast access to work tools

6. Simplicity of starting conditions

7. No need for much expertise and experience

8. Earn decent and exponential income

9. Fast profitability

10. Low risk of failure in business

11. Strengthen individual and social skills

PISC as one of the first and most powerful companies in Iranian network marketing companies, with the support of a transparent and professional structure, suitable products and a unique revenue-generating plan, PISC can be the best choice to start an independent business. To start your business from now on, you can join our thousands of independent sales representatives by completing the registration form. We will always be by your side on the path to success in this business.