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Terms of using Pnaberes services

Terms of Use for Cottony Services


Terms of Use

1. Upon using the website or accepting membership on the Pambereez website, you indicate your acceptance of all the terms and regulations of the site, and you are committed to respecting and complying with these terms.

2. According to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, only individuals who have reached the legal age of 18 are allowed to participate in commercial activities

3. You must register on the site in order to work on the site and buy products
4. Panhiraz does not have any official sales representative and its sales representative includes people (currently Iranian and some resident nationals) who are members on the site under the title of "marketer" and have a marketing code or so called "unit code".

5. Each of the sales representatives can make a printed copy of the marketing card by uploading a photo, which is used only for authentication and identification and has no other legal aspects.
6. Cotton products are the exclusive property of this company and you are required to purchase any of the products through registration on the site.
7. You are obliged to use the site according to the rules and avoid any behavior and actions against the rules. If you find a violation, you will be solely responsible and will be subject to the decision of Cotton Raz regarding your violation.
8. You undertake to refrain from any behavior and performance that may disrupt the activity, vandalism and infiltration (hacking) of the website and the networks under the construction of Pahnirez, and if such activity takes place, Pahnirez can be responsible for Take legal action against it and ask for damages.
9. You undertake to refrain from doing any kind of ugly, insulting, threatening, slanderous, disrespectful, etc. behavior and also refrain from sending unethical things and you are responsible for the consequences of doing so.
10. You are obligated to comply with the terms of privacy, which you can see in the privacy section of the site.
11. Since your username and password are unique to you and this way your identity is confirmed on the site, you are solely responsible for their maintenance and security issues and password changes at different times. done in order to prevent unauthorized access to your personal page on the Cotton Raz site.





Protection of privacy and intellectual property


All the elements on this website, including information, documents, products, logos, logos, trademarks, graphics, clothing, images, services, and all the things that belong to the Cotton Raz site, cannot be used by any natural or legal person without The written permission of Pawaniz is not allowed to copy, distribute, republish, assign, display, send and transmit them.



Terms of disclaimer

  1. The current website is the Cotton Raz site, and the Cotton Raz does not have any other websites, sub-group websites, blogs, social network pages, etc., and in case of any of the announced cases, it will be announced on this website. Also, will not be responsible for fake items.
  2.  If there is a problem in the provision of services, it will be notified on the site through communication channels, and Panyraz is not responsible for service disruptions from organizations and infrastructure institutions (telecommunications, banks, transportation, etc.).
  3. The communication methods (addresses of offices, telephones, SMS numbers, e-mails, etc.) of Paneriz are announced on the site and sales representatives of Paneriz can also be identified with marketing cards, Paneriz is not responsible for fake cases or people. Please be careful in relation to the announced items, because in case of damage, you are the only one responsible. You can report suspicious cases to Cotton.
  4. You are required to enter all the requested information (whether with or without stars) correctly when registering on the site, and in case of entering information intentionally or by mistake, Panyriz has no responsibility and only you will be responsible for the consequences.
  5. It is possible that Panhrez site has placed links on the site for your information and convenience, or to introduce products and services, colleagues, organizations and related institutions, so the issues of the terms of use of those sites and their security are the responsibility of those sites. and Cotton Raz will not be responsible for them.
  6. Cotton Raz is not responsible for any damages for the claimed and fake products.




Terms of acceptance of responsibility
1.In terms of products and services, you can contact us through the e-mail provided on the site and phone numbers. If there is a problem, the item will be investigated and verified, therefore, the cotton mill will bear the responsibility for the losses.
2. If there is any damage or problem in the products, you can refer and announce it to the cotton mill within "one working week" so that it can be checked.

All the domestic products of Cotton Raz have the logo of the Ministry of Health and all the imported products of Cotton Raz have the "Logo of Product Authenticity".

All the information entered by the users is considered confidential on behalf of Panyriz and will not be given to any person or organization, unless it will be given to the said institution by the judiciary or security organizations due to the individual's crime.