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Obtaining the international Non-GMO and Natural Cosmetic certification by Zistab Jolbak Lian Jonoub

Zistab Jolbak Lian Company, the manufacturer of L'DORA Spirulina mask, has succeeded in obtaining the international Non-GMO and Natural Cosmetic certification with the approval of the Canadian ACS.
L'DORA spirulina powder masks are produced using a specialized and unique formulation, based on effective ingredients found in spirulina algae and medicinal plants. These masks are designed to meet the needs and solve various skin complications in five types (vitamin, refreshing, hydrating, anti acne and brightening) and are provided to consumers in beautiful and high-quality packaging.
The Non GMO certificate also means that the products are organic and without genetic modification. This mark on L'DORA products assures that no genetically modified organisms have been used in the cultivation of spirulina to guarantee the health of consumers.

Recieving the Natural Cosmetics certificate means that the L'DORA spirulina (anti acne) mask does not contain harmful compounds and preservatives, and not only does it not harm the consumer's health, but the product's ingredients are environmentally friendly and can be returned to nature.

Undoubtedly, achieving this goal has been possible due to the continuous efforts of colleagues. We hope to be on the path of excellence and improvement of Aria in the coming years.