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  • date of release : 2020/08/16

Finally, it was the time for a big change. A big change in the name of a popular and well-established brand

Finally, it was the time for a big change. A big change in the name of a popular and well-established brand,

The unveiling event of the company's new name was held on Saturday, August 15, 2020, during a magnificent ceremony at the Ibis and Novotel International Hotel.

The ceremony, which was broadcast live on the company's Instagram live, was accompanied by the welcomed presence of Mohammad Solouki as the host and music band of Rastak.

One big event, the biggest change in the company since its stablishment, is the renaming of the company to the Network Marketing of PMLM.

This important event began with a speech by Dr. Mohammad Vatandoost, CEO of Bushehr Polymer Industrial Group, Engineer Karim Doust Mohammadi, CEO of Morvarid Panbehriz Network Marketing Company, in the presence of senior managers and senior sales representatives.

According to Engineer Yaser Nesari, Branding Manager of the company, the mission of this brand, which is now known as the Network Marketing of PMLM, is to help family health in the context of intelligent trade of goods and its vision, building an advanced society. By creating an independent profession for each person.

According to him,Network Marketing of PMLM has always proved that it has promoted values ​​such as: trust, honesty, responsibility and satisfying the needs of stakeholders at every level of society.

He also mentioned that by using the available visual elements, maximum effort has been made to design an attractive logo with an emphasis on the principle of universality and the ability to expand the company's business.

During this ceremony and in the presence of Mr. Karim Doust Mohammadi, one of the top branches of the company, the top manager and top employees of the company were also honored and awarded prizes.

At the end, the ceremony was accompanied by a unique and passionate performance by the music band of Rastak.

A way to success ...

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