برند W&B


Family W&B

W&B brand stands for Wealth & beauty

This brand, which replaces the B&V brand and covers imported luxury products, was introduced in 2016. The W&B brand includes popular food supplement products prepared and produced in our dear Iran, such as Energy Juice, which is a popular energy drink, and cosmetic products. And health, which are imported exclusively from the top brands of the world, which are exclusively imported; Cleanser, day and night cream, face and hair serum, face mask, face and body lotion, hand cream / cosmetics / shaving / trimmer / baby and mother, head and body shampoo, hair and face gel, mascara / eyeliner / Includes eye pencil, face and body scrub, toothpaste, balm and hair conditioner, eye cream, lifting cream, anti-wrinkle cream, etc.



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