ELLIX Family


ELLIX Family A well-known care set of exclusive products of PISC, which has a special place among Iranian families by using the potential resources of plants and their special compounds.

Over the years, researchers at the Panberes have been studying plants that have a high ability to adapt to each other and with their unique compounds can have an extraordinary effect on skin and hair. In this research, they have found that to protect, regenerate and repair the skin, use plants that are easily absorbed by the skin and are compatible with the skin!

The wonderful plant selected for this purpose is Aloe Vera, which has a special structure and active ingredients that, when combined with other herbal active ingredients such as tea tree oil (TTO) and marigold (Calendula), is able to Power affects the structure of the epidermal layer of the skin and counteracts all the factors of the aging process and skin and hair damage, and with this special formulation, it will give you a lasting beauty!

The results obtained from the effect of the new product formulation are:

• Provide the required moisture to the skin and regenerate skin cells

• Increased cellular resistance to environmental free radicals

• Reduced skin inflammation and allergies and soothe the skin

Overall result: Achieving an ideal and desired appearance with beautiful, healthy and young skin and hair, which is a sign of freshness, peace and life!


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