E-commerce and direct sales

تجارت الکترونیک و فروش مستقیم


E-commerce, as its name implies, is a new way of doing business based on the use of electronic infrastructure. E-commerce was introduced to the world in the late 1970s with the advent of electronic information exchange and electronic capital transfer technology, but its current form emerged in 1991. E-commerce created to facilitate electronic business transactions allowed companies and organizations to receive and send their electronic documents (such as purchase orders, invoices and receipts) electronically. In the 1980s, the growth and adoption of credit cards, ATMs, and telephone banks led to the growth and development of e-commerce. Since then, thousands upon thousands of businesses and businesses have entered this type of business, willingly or unwillingly, and countless technologies have been born based on it. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine a world without e-commerce.

Direct sales

In the methods of selling and distributing intermediaries, wholesalers and retailers, by receiving their profits and expenses from the manufacturer, are responsible for distributing and selling products (goods or services). In the direct sales method, by eliminating intermediaries, the product reaches the final consumer directly, who in addition to consumption, can also be the seller of that product.

In direct sales, salespeople use face-to-face marketing or family-friendly gatherings to promote and sell their products. In this way, the need for initial investment is minimized and each person will be able to buy the desired products and sell them as they wish. In return, the producer rewards the sellers for selling their products. In this way, the costs of distribution and sale of intermediaries are eliminated and part of the resulting profit is paid to the final consumers.

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