About VatanZarin Morvarid Asia Industrial Group

About VatanZarin Morvarid Asia Industrial Group

VatanZarin Morvarid Asia Industrial Group, With the goal of creating new jobs and in order to achieve sustainable development, access to global markets and self-sufficiency in the production of various products required by the country, was established in 1983 in Bushehr province.

VatanZarin Morvarid Asia Industrial Group during the past decades of its life has created a commercial production and services complex in the plastic industry, cellulose-health industries, aquaculture, food industry, service-educational industries and e-commerce, and is one of the largest and most prestigious Private industrial groups in the country.

By exploiting dozens of industrial units and applying the latest technology and knowledge in the world, this group offers various and quality products and services to a wide range of domestic and foreign customers. The complex has taken an important step in the economic development of the country, especially in the southern regions, by creating employment opportunities for hundreds of specialists, experts and workers.

The efforts of VatanZarin Morvarid Asia Industrial Group for the growth and prosperity of our country continue and in this regard, several large industrial projects are being exploited with the investment of this group.

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