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Hair health and beauty has always been a serious human concern. Comprehensive and serious complications of hair loss and regrowth process, weakening and loss of hair.

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Hair health and beauty has always been a serious human concern. Comprehensive and serious complications of hair loss and regrowth process, weakening and loss of hair. Today, due to the sensitivity of hair health, various methods have been proposed to prevent and treat these problems. One of the simplest, most accessible, and most effective methods is to use anti-shedding and strengthening solutions. In this type of product, there are effective compounds to strengthen the follicles and stimulate hair roots, which is effective in preventing hair loss, better hair regrowth. L’DORA Hair Strengthening Tonic is one of the most effective products in this field. Rosemary extract, Menthol, Caffeine and Vitamin B5 are among the effective ingredients of this product that increase blood flow which result in improving nutrition and oxygen deivery to the hair roots and help to make thin and fluffy hair to thick hair. In addition, Rosemary contains omega-6, a variety of antioxidants and other nutrients that are good for hair health and nutrition. Maltodextrin is another important ingredient in this product that plays an important role in strengthening and growing hair roots as well as nourishing and brightening the hair shaft. Another effective ingredient in this product is Nettle extract. This plant is very significant in hair strengthening. This famous medicinal plant stimulates hair roots and in addition to strengthening it, it can also stimulate the roots of lost hair and cause hair regrowth. Vitamin C is another ingredient in this tonic. since iron deficiency is one of the most important causes of hair loss, the presence of this vitamin in hair follicles helps increasing iron absorption and thus prevents hair loss.

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Suitable for All Types of hair
weight/volume 200ml
effective ingredients "Maltodextrin
Features Strengthen hair follicles, increase hair growth, nourish hair roots, increase blood flow to the scalp, increase hair thickness, strengthen hair, prevent hair loss, stimulate hair regrowth
age group age 15 and above
Licenses Manufacturing license: 21/17291

Clean your scalp every night with L'DORA Strengthening Shampoos. Then spray an appropriate amount of the tonic solution on the scalp and massage for a few minutes until it is completely absorbed to skin.
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