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DILEX Hygienic wet wipes for Men 20 pcs


Consumer price (including tax) : 397,850 Rial
point : 11.5 Point

397,850 Rial

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Group name: Tags/Labels: Napkin moisturized sanitary Special men Dilex brands:

Number in the package 20 PCS
PH balancer Yes
scented Yes
Alcohol free Yes
effective ingredients """Hazelnut oil Chamomile extract Calendula Extract"
other features Suitable for daily use parabens free antibacterial to prevent fungal and bacterial infections, ideal for use during travel during menstruation and before and after intercourse
Licenses 1094/ظ/30

Open the label on the package. Take a sheet of tissue and gently wipe the sensitive areas from front to back, then discard the tissue. Return the label to its original position to prevent the wipes from drying out.

DILEX Hygienic wet wipes for Men

How familiar are you with special wipes for sensitive areas?
Caring for sensitive areas is not just for women, and men need to take care of their personal health by using the right products. Many products are being produced these days to meet this need, including hygienic wet wipes.
These wipes are suitable for use in sensitive areas and do not require rinsing after use and can prevent pH change in sensitive areas and bacterial diseases. It can be said that these wipes are a great alternative to washing sensitive areas and according to doctors, it is better not to have alcohol so as not to dry the skin and cause allergies.
Wet wipes are a good choice for use during travel and before and after intercourse.

What are the health features of men's hygiene wet wipes? This product is designed to maintain personal health and hygiene and contains special herbal compounds that with their strong antibacterial properties prevent various fungal and bacterial infections and create unpleasant odors in this area. In addition, this product has a pleasant aroma, lacks alcohol and parabens, and can be used daily and before and after intercourse. The good thing about these products is that they do not require rinsing and they are very easy to use in any place and in any situation (when traveling, at work, etc.).


What are the active ingredients?
Hazelnut oil (cleanser, moisturizer), chamomile extract (anti-allergy), calendula extract (anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, emollient)

Who needs this product?
All men can use this product daily.

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