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Common questions

No, only those who have registered as a sales representative or preferred customer can register on the site. A prerequisite for any type of registration is having an identification code.

If your friends and acquaintances have already registered and are active as a sales representative on the site, they can use their code as a sponsor code in your discretion. Otherwise, you can request a sponsor code from other customers or sales representatives by visiting one of the branches of the PISC throughout the country.

No, if you are not interested in earning money and acting as a sales representative, you can register as a preferred customer. And buy products.

All you have to do is contact one of the sales representatives and ask him to guide you in the registration process. (Refer to the branches or the official Panberes Instagram) After the necessary training courses, you can also act as a sales representative.

To view the plan, in the Business Opportunities menu, read the Panberes Network Marketing Earnings Plan section.

PISC was established in 2009 and in 2011 succeeded in obtaining a network marketing license from the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The activities of this company are carried out under the supervision of the Network Marketing Supervision Committee of the Ministry of Commerce. More information in the " About Us " menu Listed.