Launch an office

راه اندازی دفتر کار

First, select the option to register in PISC at the top of the page:


To join the website, you have two options;

- Register as a sales representative

- Register as a customer


Customer: If you register as a customer, you can shop from the website and get a 5% discount. But you cannot subscribe and network on this side.

Sales Representative: If you register as a sales representative, you will first be registered as a customer in the system. In this case, you cannot make a purchase, and if you do not apply for a representative within a month after the registration date, your account will be completely deleted. Therefore, after the initial registration, you must log in to your account and click on the sales representative application option and send your documents (national id card image and Bank Mellat account number).

After specifying your activity, complete the requested information in English.

Personal Information:


National ID number: Your National ID number will register in the system as your username. Remember that the national ID number is not editable and is exclusive. So be careful in entering your national code.

Legal age of registration: The minimum legal age to act as a sales representative is 18 years old.

Contact number: One of the most important ways we communicate with you is the contact number registered on the site. So register the number which is available. Also, the registered contact number must not have been previously registered in the system. If the number is duplicated, the site will prevent you from registering.


Address and Location:

Enter your mailing address carefully. This address is selected as your default address and the same address will be registered in the contract.

The area is the postal area (not the metropolitan area), so if only one option is displayed for you, select the same area 1 option.

Remember that you are responsible for the correctness of the address and postal code to send the order.


User Information:

Enter your email address in this field. Entering the correct email address is important because if you forget your password, your password will be sent to your email in addition to your mobile phone.

Password: In this section, enter your account password. After completing the registration, this password is considered as your account password, which you must enter to log in to your account.



You must have a sponsor ID number to register. The sponsor is anyone who is working as a sales representative on the PISC website and you would be under his subordinate as you start your activity.



If you intend to act as a sales representative, the inheritor profile option will be activated for you. The inheritor is in fact the person to whom the user account is assigned after the death of the user and the heir can continue the activity.

Finally, you must check the acceptance of the rules and regulations and enter the security code.

By clicking on the Create Account option, your account is created and you can log in to your account.

Activities of Pearl panberes internet shop as an independent legal entity has a network marketing license according to the regulations of Article 87 of the Trade Union Law. And the company has no affiliation with government, non-government, or security agencies.