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DILEX Hand and Face Wipes 10 pcs


Consumer price (including tax) : 174,400 Rial
point : 5.0 Point

174,400 Rial

5096 in stock

Number in the package 10 PCS
PH balancer No
scented Yes
Alcohol free Yes
effective ingredients "Vitamin E. Aloe vera extract Argan oil """
other features Antibacterial cleanser for hands and face of adults and children without feeling dry or oily skin, suitable for all types of skin, parabens-free
Licenses 1090/ظ/30

Lift the label, remove a sheet of tissue, and clean your hands and face with it. (No rinsing required) Then return the label to its original position to prevent the contents of the package from drying out.

DILEX Hand and Face Wipes

What are the uses of wet hand and face wipes?

It often happens that we do not have access to water to clean our hands and face: during travel, mountaineering or even during the day when we are out of the house and .... Wet hand and face wipes are the best choice for these situations because they do not require rinsing and quickly remove the skin from any contamination and grease.


But what should you pay attention to when buying a wet wipe?

First of all, it should be free of alcohol so that it does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies for sensitive skin. It also has emollient and nourishing ingredients so that the skin of our hands and face does not dry out after use, and finally it is a mild cleanser so that all kinds of skin can use it.


What are the features of Dilex hand and face wet wipes?

This product is double-use and in addition to cleansing the skin of the hands, it is a gentle cleanser for facial skin. This wipe does not make the skin oily or dry, and it has an extremely pleasant scent and does not stick to the skin! In addition, it contains vitamin E and plant extracts such as aloe vera and argan oil, which soften the skin and create a feeling of cleanliness and freshness in the skin.
This wipe is easy to carry in a bag and is suitable for all ages.

What are the active ingredients?
Vitamin E (emollient, strong antioxidant), aloe vera extract (anti-allergy, hydrate), argan oil (cleanser and nourishing)

Who needs this product?
Everyone, regardless of age, can use this product daily to clean their hands and face.

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