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Having fresh, smooth, even, wrinkle-free skin's look plays an important role in face attractiveness.

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4,182,984 Rial

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Having fresh, smooth, even, wrinkle-free skin's look plays an important role in face attractiveness. One of the most important cosmetic products effective in beautifying the skin is powder cream. With this cosmetic product, you can easily cover blemishes, bumps and pores on the face. L'dora powder cream creates a natural, matte and soft cover on the face and due to its light texture, it stays on the skin for a long time and prevents skin's shiny look.And due to its SPF25, It protects skin from the sun's harmful rays .The collagen in this product improves the elasticity of skin and slows down the aging process of the skin. Another ingredient in L'dora Powder Cream is Glycerin that keeps the skin soft and supple.

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Type of Powder Cream
weight/volume 30ml
Container type tube
container material plastic
color light Ivory
color code A471
effective ingredients Talc, glycerin, collagen
Features Waterproof (can be used in the pool), high durability, contains filters that protect the skin against the harmful sun rays, resistant to heat, moisture, velvety and uniform coverage
Licenses manufacturing license: 21/15678

First, apply the required amount of powder cream to the forehead, chin, nose and cheeks as a dot. Then spread it evenly over the entire skin. You can use a makeup brush to make it spead. For professional makeup, it is best to use L'dora moisturizing cream before using the powder cream. This will make the powder cream apply better on the skin and last longer.

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