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L’DORA FRAGRANCE FREE MIND Roll-On Deodorant, 50 ml

L’DORA FRAGRANCE FREE MIND Deodorant Roll-On, 50 ml

L'DORA Fragrance Deodorant Roll-On with its mild and pleasant scent makes the skin of armpit fragrant.

Consumer price (including tax) : 1,967,232 Rial
point : 90.2 Point

1,967,232 Rial

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This professional product has a unique formulation and effective ingredients and natural oils including tea tree oil and sweet almond oil which it plays a significant role in controlling sweat. This deodorant eliminates unpleasant body odor by preventing excessive sweating and lasting 24 hours. Because of the tea tree oil in it, it also has antibacterial properties.

L'DORA Fragrance Roll-On Deodorant with its mild and pleasant scent makes the skin of armpit fragrant.

The use of this product does not leave a stain on the clothes or chalky marks on the skin. It brings you a feeling of freshness and cleanliness throughout the day.

Type of Roll-On
Suitable For Men & Women
volume 50 ml
Container Type Roller
Container Material Plastic
Ingredients Tea tree oil - Glycerin - Sweet almond oil
Features Antibacterial, Antiperspirant, deodorizer and sweat odor controller, preventing unpleasant odors, immediate effects, lasting up to 24 hours.
Licenses 3363/ظ/21

Swipe deodorant onto the skin after bathing and let it dry.

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